All keynotes can be delivered on a LIVE platform or virtually.

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Who Are You? - The link between identity and purpose.

The Power of Purpose - Peak performance and overcoming adversity starts with a purpose.

Where’s the Finishline - Dealing with disruption, change and the obstacles that prevent you from achieving your goals.

Resilience Matters - Grit is resilience in action, and leaders are judged by their actions and not by their thoughts. Can resilience be learned?

The Power of Infinite Thinking, - Possibility and opportunity lie on the outside of the box of finite thinking. Never waste a good crisis.

Stop Selling To Me - The top salespeople don’t actually sell anything. Stop pitching, and start listening.

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That's my sweetspot. I'm not a scripted speaker and I like nothing better than to work closely with you in order to deliver a talk that resonates and has impact beyond the 60mins I have with your people. Let's chat.

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