Richard Wright - Speaker

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Richard Wright is a sales guru, successful entrepreneur, and an inspirational force to be reckoned with.  

He is a three time, stage four brain cancer survivor who overcame all the odds of beating cancer whilst at the same time competing in some of the world’s toughest endurance events, including six Ironman triathlons in that time. He is an expert on the power of the brain, change management, authenticity, and understanding how to overcome literally anything. A very different speaker who delivers with the most authentic and real energy.

In his inspirational presentations he shares many of the hardships he has endured with loads of humour, but more importantly he shares the lessons he learned from overcoming these insurmountable challenges. Turning hardship into success. He will captivate any audience through his deeply researched knowledge and personal experience of the power of the brain. Leaving the audience inspired, challenged and motivated, armed with practical tools for change.

Click on the icons below to discover more about Richard's different keynotes, and his charity - Give It Horns

Where's the finish line?

How do you overcome, and even thrive against all odds?

don't sell to me!

Who better than Richard to spark
the thinking of your sales team whilst inspiring and motivating them?

ridiculous vision, unimaginable results

What does it take to
achieve the seemingly impossible? Make your team the best!

Give it horns for rhinos and unicorns

Click here to support children and their families living with cancer, and the The Rhino Rescue Project.

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